C-Level GPTCA Course certified by ATP with Membership

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GPTCA C-Level course + Membership

The C-Level Course Certification
The C-Level is suitable for coaches working with junior and Futures-level players.
The C-Level Course schedule is set by National Presidents.

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C-Level GPTCA Course Certified by ATP


Prerequisite - All coaches must already hold a teaching diploma from any local or international organization.


This course involves a thorough review of the GPTCA C-Level curriculum that promotes effective ways to prepare and elevate young players engaged in the Juniors and Futures pre-tour events. It provides proven techniques and strategies that are successfully utilized by ATP and WTA Tour Coaches. The emphasis is on essential procedures and the effective use of equipment, tools and techniques. This on-line course and the accompanying in-person workshop will enable individuals to more easily integrate the technical fundamentals in an environment where they can have fun, be creative, and develop their self-esteem and confidence while gaining skills and a passion for coaching tennis. While the course is designed for tennis coaches, parents or family members seeking information on how to support a young player in the transition phase can also benefit from the course content.


The course topics are presented through key points. Also included are video demonstrations of lesson management techniques and coaching sessions with young players. The quiz must be taken upon completion of the course and a review of the coach manual. Quiz results must be a minimum of 80% to qualify for certification as a GPTCA C-Level Member and to receive membership benefits.


1. Share best practices on proven techniques in coaching transitioning players.
2. Demonstrate drills and mental techniques that develop transitioning players.
3. Motivate and inspire a successful integration of the techniques in the lessons.
4. Provide an overview of the tour history and organizations.
5. Offer ways to enlist parental involvement in a player’s learning process.


The course will cover the following topics:

- Introduction to GPTCA and Course Overview
- History of Tennis
- Organization
- Grand Slam Tournaments
- Rules 1
- Coaching 1 A
- Coaching 1 B
- Mental Training
- Interactions with Parents/Entourage


Download and review the coach study materials before taking the certification quiz.


1. Practice high standards of educational and professional honesty and integrity. Submit for credit only the product of your own efforts.
2. Do not share passwords or other access credentials with any other person or group that is not authorized to access the e-learning course.
3. Maintain the confidentiality of the e-learning course by not taking part in any unauthorized downloading, copying, or distribution of course materials.


For most students, this will be an easy course to complete. However, applying the knowledge and being successful in teaching players requires diligent practice. Reviewing the course material, coach manual and other documents multiple times will help students retain the fundamental techniques to effectively address typical player behavior and issues. It is also recommended that students video tape their coaching sessions with players and conduct a self-critique. Students should make every effort to attend an optional in-person workshop. The workshops offer continuing education as well as the opportunity to connect with GPTCA staff/instructors, interact with peers and meet touring coaches. For dates and locations of upcoming workshops, see http://www.sitatraining.com.


Your ideas, feedback, comments and questions regarding the course are welcome. Contact SITA Training Academy at gptcausca@gmail.com.

  • Instructor name C.Pistolesi
  • Time 1:30pm to 5:00pm TBC

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