The ATP has signed a partnership agreement with the GPTCA in order to promote more knowledge about coaching on the Tour. The ATP certifies all GPTCA Courses. All coaches who complete the online course and succeed in answering at least 80% of the course quiz become Members of the GPTCA certified by ATP.

GPTCA has a special partnership with the PTR which grants a PTR Affiliate Membership and its associated benefits as a discounted rate to GPTCA Members. Check with us by email for more information at : . 




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Le Petit Tennis is a global company which mainly reaches children under the age of 6. Le Petit Tennis, a division of Le Petit Sports, produces special equipment to adapt tennis to children under the age of 6. These products and programs are already used by many National Associations around the world. Both Le Petit Tennis and Le Petit Sports are proud partners of GPTCA in the USA and Canada and provide special discounts for GAPTCA members. More information on these products can be found at: . 


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The GPTCA organization partners with country presidents to reach its global strategy. This website is owned and operated by the president of GPTCA USA & Canada. The partnerships and sponsorships secured in the USA and/or Canada are specifically for the benefit of US and Canadaian GPTCA Members. GPTCA also operates in the countries of India, Ireland, Japan with a partnership with these country presidents.



The GPTCA Online University has made a special partnership with Sunshine Studio, an entertainment company founded by Andrea Papaleo and which provides quality services for shooting, post-production, visual effects and locations. Sunshine Studio has recorded some of the fine video shooting which is used in the GPTCA Online University course and which is available to all US and Canadian GPTCA Members. Sunshine Studio - -



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