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GPTCA Workshop 2014 Schedule

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“I found the doubles on court drills and overall teaching points very applicable and specific.”


“I was impressed by the down to earth, accessible language demonstrated by presenters. Here were some the greatest tennis minds and yet each of them made me feel as if I was a peer and as if I was in the locker room. The delivery of the points was most impressive as was the consistency of the delivery.”


“The workshop was great! The different aspects of tennis life which was discussed in the workshop helped to shape me as a coach and gave me some tools to become a better coach.”


“Thanks to the presenters for their efforts, passion and willingness to include club pros in the GPTCA organization. I think that this organization is the most amazing coaching group!”


“I think that tennis is all about practical experience and as such I felt that this workshop was nice as it made me interact with the coaches. I liked the on court “hands on” experience with the drills used on the tour.”


“I had an excellent experience. What I found most beneficial was the insights from the presenters and their perspectives. I enjoyed hearing their efforts in trying to make tennis a better sport as well as their sincere concern for their players’ confidence, health and success.”


“What I enjoyed the most in the workshop was to learn about the adaptation that the coach and players have to make in different environments. These points were nicely highlighted in the drills on court which showed situations in the different landscapes of the matches.”


“The most interesting part of the workshop for me was to hear what goes on in the pro tour coaching environment.”


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